Artists in Healthcare Manitoba has been bringing music to patients in healthcare facilities for a dozen years. 

Now the musicians have made a recording that they hope to give to patients who appreciate their talents. The nonprofit organization launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise funds to manufacture the disc.

Manitoba musicians fill hospitals with music

Guitarist Aaron Shorr is one of the musicians who contributed a track to the CD. "It's intended to be very calming and very soothing and positive," he said. "The intention of every song is to give the patient something positive to think about."

Shorr has been working for Artists in Healthcare for five years and just loves it. "This job is very unique in that I get to play for people one-on-one and up close, as opposed to playing in a restaurant or bar or concert hall," he explained. 

"Hopefully just by being able to play some music for them, it puts them in a positive frame of mind, which is absolutely integral for healing."

AIHM makes a CD! from Leif Norman on Vimeo.

The music on the CD ranges from jazz to Celtic to classical and also features musicians such as Vanessa Kuzina of Oh My Darling, Keith Price and Kris Ulrich.

"The point is to give it to patients," said Shirley Grierson, executive director of Artists in Healthcare Manitoba. "It's also good for our visibility so people know who we are and why we're here."

The organization has a roster of 22 musicians who play for 7000 patients a month at hospitals and healthcare facilities throughout Manitoba.

The Artists in Healthcare CD release party takes place at the Park Theatre for November 28th at 8:00 p.m..