Apay Ogouk, 26, is suspected of infecting Winnipeg women with HIV by having unprotected sex and not disclosing he had HIV/AIDS. Police have issued a warrant for his arrest and said he might be living in Calgary. ((Winnipeg Police Service))

A Canada-wide arrest warrant has been issued for a man suspected of infecting Winnipeg women with HIV by not disclosing his medical condition prior to having sex with them.

Apay Ogouk is wanted for two counts of aggravated assault, police said Thursday.

Police said the 26-year-old might be living in Calgary.

Ogouk is described as black, about six-feet, two-inches tall and weighing 140 pounds, police said. He has a thin build and dark brown eyes.

On Monday, CBC News reported that police were working to obtain the arrest warrant after two Winnipeg women had come forward to make formal complaints.

They told investigators they were diagnosed with HIV after having unprotected sex with a Sudanese man who has been living in Canada for about 10 years. Both said the man had removed condoms during sex.

The women, 24 and 29, respectively, identified the man they had sex with as Ogouk. They also said they suspected there might be other potential victims living in Winnipeg.

Police on Thursday refused to comment on Ogouk's medical condition, citing privacy concerns, but a spokesman said the nature of the case required police to make a public statement that he was wanted on a warrant.

"If there's individuals where we believe they may pose a threat to the public ... we have a duty to inform the public to ensure they have as much information as possible to protect themselves," Const. Jason Michalyshen said.

They're asking anyone with information about Ogouk's whereabouts to call their local police or the Winnipeg Police Service at 204-986-6222.