We know what the CBC research tells us.

Viewers in our community want a local television newscast that is on top of breaking news; a newscast that brings them up to date on the most important, most relevant events happening in Winnipeg, around the province, across the country and throughout the world.

They highly value accurate weather forecasts and original journalism that stretches far beyond the headlines of the day. They want stories about our community that they won't see anywhere else. They want context and information that helps them form their own opinions — along with a diversity of ideas and viewpoints.

Viewers like you want a television newscast that holds the accountable to account — and asks hard questions on your behalf.

Manitobans also want us to be live in the community as events unfold so they feel they have the very latest information from reporters who know what they're talking about.

All of this is what we work very hard to deliver every day on CBC News with host Janet Stewart starting at 5 p.m.

We take this commitment to serve our community very seriously. Whether it's the long-standing work of our CBC Manitoba I-Team creating stories on everything from cheating university students to revealing health violations at chain restaurants, having the only broadcast meteorologist in this market with John Sauder, or committing as much time and resources as possible to original story telling, our goal is have the most comprehensive and compelling local television newscast as possible.

We also air our news over 90 minutes because we know that most of you lead very busy lives and watch at different times. But whenever you tune in, you want to feel that you haven't missed a thing.

So how are we doing?

Are we telling the stories that matter to you? When you watch CBC News do you feel up to date on what's going on in Winnipeg and beyond?

When I recently asked for feedback on our CBC Manitoba morning show — Information Radio at 89.3 FM with host Marcy Markusa — more than three dozen people responded. Some of the messages were long and detailed. Some were not more than a few lines that got right to the point.

All of them were candid. All of them were valuable. And all of them were shared with the people who make the program each and every day. This feedback will lead to changes to make Information Radio more used and more valued by more people.

We are your public broadcaster. What you think about the programs we put to air, the programs we want you to watch and listen to, is very important to all of us.

So please let me know what you think about our local television newscasts each weekday between 5 p.m. and 6:30 p.m.

You can email me at john.bertrand@cbc.ca or call me directly at 204-788-3213 or find me on twitter @johnbertrandCBC.

How are we doing? What's working? What's missing? What are the stories you want to see on CBC Manitoba?

As I said, let me know. I very much want to hear from you.