Arctic cold temperatures drop back into Manitoba

Manitobans are back to bundling up and bracing for a cold week.
The frigid, icy, arctic weather is back in Manitoba. (Brett Purdy/CBC)

Manitobans are back to bundling up and bracing for a cold week.

"The polar vortex has returned to eastern Manitoba and we are not going to see temperatures above seasonal values until at least Friday. Minus-25 is the best we will do in Winnipeg today," CBC Manitoba weather specialist Marilyn Maki said Monday morning.

An extreme wind chill warning was in place for most of northern Manitoba on Monday as temperatures of –35 C to –38 C, combined with brisk winds produced wind chill values of –45 to –50.

Environment Canada blamed the conditions on "very cold arctic air being ushered into northern Manitoba" but expected the wind chill values to moderate as winds become light by noon.

The heavy, cold air is sinking far enough south to drop temperatures across the entire province. The wind chill value in Winnipeg at 9 a.m. was –41 with a temperature of –26 C.

"Morning temps will be close to –30 C for a few days and daytime highs Monday through Wednesday will struggle to get past –20," said CBC meteorologist John Sauder.

A similar system spun arctic temperatures down into southern Canada and even the southern United States in late December and through the first couple weeks of January.