A First Nation north of Winnipeg will have a starring role in the CBC-TV series Arctic Air, as crews are filming scenes there for an upcoming episode.

The Brokenhead First Nation was temporarily transformed on Monday into the community of Deti Creek, and people held anti-fracking signs as part of a made-for-TV road blockade.

Arctic Air star Adam Beach revealed that Deti Creek will face a natural disaster during the episode, which will air in January.

"The dam that's in the show is about to break and wash out the community, and we're trying to get everybody to make them realize that the situation is dangerous and we have to move," Beach told CBC News on Monday.

With Arctic Air normally filmed in Vancouver and Yellowknife, Beach said he's excited to return to his home province for this shoot.

As well, Beach said he likes the economic opportunities the film shoot is creating for Brokenhead, such as jobs for local extras.

The crew will spend the next week on the First Nation and in Pinawa, Man.

"There's some nice matches out here in Manitoba for the Northwest Territories," said Gary Harvey, the show's executive producer.

"We found an area that we could actually shoot at, which is in Pinawa, to do our water work."

Harvey said the cast and crew are kicking up the action for the third season of the series.

"It's faster pace, it's faster cutting, and the dialogue is faster," he said. "There's subtle things, but I don't think it's going to be shocking to the viewers."