There were some sombre moments at an anti-bullying rally at a Winnipeg middle school Tuesday, as one student recovers from being hit by a truck last week.

The student rally at George Waters Middle School, in the city's St. James area, was held less than a week after the 11-year-old girl was run over by a pickup truck while crossing Portage Avenue near Ferry Road, close to the school, on Nov. 7.

She remains in hospital, recovering from serious injuries she sustained to both of her legs. Winnipeg police have said the 22-year-old male driver will not be charged.

The collision happened while the girl, a student at the school, was in the middle of a texting argument with a former friend.

School principal Andrew Mead said he has seen a lot of poor behaviour being mislabelled as "bullying," which he said has become a bit of a buzz word in recent years.

Mead said students are taught to do more than just refrain from bullying, because it's just one of many ways young people can be mean to each other.

"Real bullying is serious and it's scary, and being mean isn't very good either. We have to deal with both," he told CBC News

"We just have to make sure that we define 'bullying' and call the right situations real bullying."

Rebecca Ulrich, who works with the Red Cross to prevent bullying through awareness, said bullying is an "imbalance of power" that happens "when somebody has more power than someone else, and they use that to hurt someone."

Students at George Waters Middle School will take part in the Red Cross Day of Pink on April 10, 2013.

Those who attended Tuesday's rally pledged to speak out against bullying, as well as to respect each other every day.

"Be a nice person, help someone out," Mead said.

"We finished our assembly this morning by saying, 'What is our job at school?' … The response is to make someone else's day better."