More than 11,000 addresses in northwest Winnipeg will lose door-to-door mail deliver early next summer, the second large group of homes slated to make the switch.

Community mailboxes map

This map, from a Canada Post fact sheet, shows the area to be converted to community mailboxes in the spring. (Canada Post)

Canada Post has identified homes in the R2R and R2X postal code zones as the next to get community mailboxes.

Surveys will go out next week to determine where they will go.

“People will make up their own minds whether or not they like the community mailboxes,” said Jon Hamilton, a spokesperson for Canada Post. “It is a major change for our customers and for Canada Post. It will mean that we will be a smaller organization.”

About 13,000 addresses in The Maples, West Kildonan, Garden City and Margaret Park have already been slated for community mailboxes this fall.

“With mail declining at a rapid rate year after year, changes need to be made. Otherwise, at some point, we’d be turning to the tax payers or pulling back services,” said Hamilton.

Earlier this week, Canada’s postal union released a list of potential addresses for community mailboxes.