A seniors residence in Winnipeg is dealing with a delightful holiday mystery.

On Christmas Eve, Holy Family Home received a semi-trailer load of fresh flowers. The gift to the home, located in the city's North End, was anonymous.

Christine Jefimchuk

Christine Jefimchuk was one of the residents who received flowers after an anonymous donor sent a semi-load of free arrangements to a seniors' home in Manitoba. (Darleane Pelechaty)

The CEO of the residence, Jean Piche, said the delivery included centrepieces, carnations, roses and chrysanthemums. He estimates it cost more than $10,000.

The home distributed the flowers among it's 276 residents, their families and staff.

“Their faces were just lighting up. I mean, it just was a beautiful event, a real blessing,” Piche said.

"It just made a really lasting and positive impact on the people who live here."

He has no idea where the flowers came from but said one box did have the name Falcon Farms on it, which is a flower distributor in the United States.