A Winnipeg woman found guilty of concealing the remains of six infants in a storage locker will have to wait another two months before she can argue she should be released on bail, pending appeal.

Andrea Giesbrecht, 43, was sentenced to eight and a half years in prison last summer and is appealing both her conviction and sentence. A date for her appeal has not been set.

Giesbrecht was arrested in October 2014 after the remains of the infants were found in a U-Haul storage locker she had rented.

Giesbrecht, who is serving her sentence out of province, appeared in a Manitoba Court of Appeal motions court Thursday to argue she should be released on bail.

But Justice Holly Beard adjourned the matter to Jan. 29 for a full day hearing, telling defence lawyer Greg Brodsky the court required a legal brief before the matter could proceed.

Brodsky filed 41 grounds for appeal, including an argument the remains were being saved in the storage locker, not concealed.

What caused the deaths of the infants could not be determined because the remains were too badly decomposed. Giesbrecht did not testify during her trial, leaving many questions surrounding the babies unanswered.

In his ruling convicting her, provincial court Judge Murray Thompson said he was convinced that Giesbrecht was the mother of all six infants — five males and one female — and that she stored them with the intention of concealing their births as they decomposed in plastic bins and pails.