With fairs and amusement parks opening their gates in Manitoba this summer, can you trust the rides to be safe?

CBC News has obtained the latest inspection results from the provincial government.

Southdale ferris wheel

Erin Leslie took this photograph of the Kiddi Wheel after two of the ferris wheel's cages somehow flipped upside down on Saturday. The incident sent one child to hospital with minor injuries. (Submitted by Erin Leslie)

Five companies set up travelling amusement midways in communities across the province, and Inspection and Technical Services Manitoba looks over every company's amusement ride at the start of each season.

Of the 71 amusement rides that have been inspected so far this spring, 15 of them had minor safety violations but they've all been addressed or are being addressed, according to the province.

No major violations have been reported.

Most of the inspected rides, 52, come from travelling amusement show companies, while the remaining 19 are at Tinkertown, an amusement park outside Winnipeg.

Safety at travelling midways was highlighted this week by an incident involving a children's ferry wheel at a pop-up carnival outside the Southdale Community Centre in Winnipeg on Saturday.

One child was sent to hospital with minor injuries after a bolt came loose on part of Select Shows' "Kiddi Wheel" ride, causing two of the enclosed cages to flip upside down.

The province confirmed that it did inspect the Kiddi Wheel on May 8 and found no problems with it at the time.

"It had never crossed my mind that we should be concerned about the safety of the rides," said Erin Leslie, who was at the Southdale carnival with her two children.

"I know it happens, but you didn't expect it to happen here."

Here's what the Manitoba government inspectors found:

  • Canuck Amusements

On May 23, Canuck Amusements had 12 amusement rides inspected by Inspection and Technical Services. No violations were found on any of those rides.

  • North American Midway and Entertainment Canada Co.

Inspectors are scheduled to inspect this company's amusement rides before it starts operating in Manitoba. The company provides rides for the Brandon Fair and the Red River Ex in Winnipeg.

  • Saturn Shows

Inspectors went over Saturn Shows' 11 amusement rides on May 1 and 2 and found no major violations, but noted minor Midway Safety Code violations on eight of the rides.

Inspection and Technical Services Manitoba gave Saturn Shows an "order to remedy" and government officials say the rides in question can be put into service once the remedies have been completed.

"In the case of a major repair the rides would be re-inspected, but that was not the case with these rides," the province noted.

  • Select Shows

Select Shows' 17 amusement rides were inspected on May 8 and no major violations were found.

Inspectors did note minor Midway Safety Code violations on six of the rides, but "corrective action" was taken right away while the inspector was on site, according to the province.

The Kiddi Wheel, which was involved in Saturday's incident at the Southdale Community Centre, was inspected that day and no safety deficiencies were detected.

The incident is under investigation and Inspection and Technical Services Manitoba will inspect the ride again before it's put back into operation.

  • Tinkertown

On May 13, Tinkertown had 19 amusement rides inspected by Inspections and Technical Services and no major violations were found.

Minor violations of the Midway Safety Code were noted on one of the rides, but "corrective action was taken immediately while the inspector was on site," according to the province.

  • Wonder Shows

Wonder Shows had 12 amusement rides inspected on April 23 and no violations were found on any of them, according to the province.

Surprise inspections?

Government officials said from time to time, there could be surprise inspections of any given amusement ride.

The timing and frequency would depend on how many inspectors are available and whether there is a suspected need for a surprise inspection.