Manitoba's three Amphibex machines will start breaking up ice on the Red River north of Winnipeg on Tuesday morning, in the provincial government's annual effort to prevent spring ice jams and floods.

The massive machines, which are used to break up ice and open channels in rivers before and during the spring thaw, will start at Breezy Point and work south towards the city, according to area officials.

Ice-cutting machines have already been slicing chunks on the river for the past week.

The ice thickness on the river has been normal this season, according to officials, adding that snow has prevented the ice from getting unusually thick in the cold weather.

At the same time, the extra snow has made it somewhat difficult for ice-cutting machines to score the ice.

Monday's relatively warm weather, with temperatures reaching –2 C to –4 C in Winnipeg, has been affecting river ice in the city.

Winnipeg police warned people to be cautious, as thin ice was reported in some areas.

Monday has been the mildest day in over a month, according to CBC meteorologist John Sauder.