A group of American farmers and municipalities is suing the Manitoba Municipality of Rhineland and the province for a road that runs along the two borders, which some say floods the North Dakota side.

Border Road has been located north of the Manitoba and North Dakota border in Rhineland since the early 1950s.

​Conflict between the two sides of the road have been going on since about the 1960s, Rhineland Reeve Don Wiebe said.

"According to North Dakota, they see this as restricting the flow going north and that the crossings that have been there aren't adequate to compensate for the flow," Wiebe said.

North Dakota farmers have argued for years that the road acts as a dike and pushes water coming over the banks of the Pembina River back towards U.S. farmland.

"Along with that they're claiming damages to land and the infrastructure," he said.

The U.S. plaintiffs want the road torn down but Wiebe said the municipality is hesitant to do that in case it impacts farmers, he said. 

"We'd like to see a long-term solution and that could be to work jointly with American interests and the province to create maybe a system that takes the drain directly through the Red River, which may really help... the situation."

The case between North Dakota and the province goes to Canadian Federal court in Winnipeg at the beginning of April.