A Winnipeg teen is speaking out against the man known as Mr. Jetz TV.

CBC can't identify the 17-year-old but she is one of Darrel Ackman's alleged victims.

Ackman is facing several charges related to sexual assault, child pornography and prostitution.

He is also running in the Fort Whyte by-election Sept. 4.

The teenage girl told CBC Ackman shouldn't be allowed to run, given what she claims happened to her.

'He's just making a joke out of everything.' —17-year-old alleged victim

"He just, like, thinks of himself as so famous because so many people know him," she said.

"But not for the right reasons."

Elections Manitoba said Ackman is an official candidate since at least 100 voters in the constituency signed his nomination papers, Manitoba's commisioner of elections is investigating a complaint about his candidacy.

The charges against Ackman have not been proven.

Ackman is to appear in court Sept. 12.

"He's not going to win anything," the teen said. "He's just making a joke out of everything."