Winnipeg police are warning the public about a high-risk sex offender who has been released into Winnipeg.

Luigi Deangelis was released from jail on Wednesday after doing a 14-month stint in Headingley Correctional Centre.

The 47-year-old man has a lengthy criminal record including sexual assaults, criminal harassment, break and enter and theft.

Deangelis’ offences have involved attacks on adult female strangers, and police say all adult women are at risk of sexual violence.

He will be under a long-term supervision order, which requires him to stay away from hotels, bars or strip-clubs. He is also not allowed to own a cell phone.

Deangelis is about 5’8” tall and weighs 202 pounds (92 kilograms).

Anyone with information about Deangelis is asked to call the Manitoba Integrated High Risk Sex Offender Unit at 204-984-1888.