A $1.3 billion structure on the outskirts of Calgary is proving to be a pretty popular backdrop this election.

First it was Wildrose Leader Danielle Smith making a stop at the new-yet-still-under-construction South Calgary Health Campus.


Kyle Bakx/CBC

Then, a mere two hours later, it was PC Leader Alison Redford's turn to show up at the fancy new 10-storey complex.


Kyle Bakx/CBC

It's such a coincidence, it's almost like they think alike...

But it was not just the right-wing parties craving a spot in front of the massive hospital, but NDP Leader Brian Mason also used the complex as a backdrop for his health care announcement, several days later.


Kyle Bakx/CBC

How ironic the three party leaders have all used the hospital and yet Raj Serman — an actual doctor — has chose not too ... at least not yet.