The upstart Alberta Party is hoping to raise its profile in Edmonton-Rutherford, the riding where Health Minister Fred Horne won by just 58 votes in 2008.

Alberta Party candidate Michael Walters estimates that he's knocked on about 7,000 doors since he started campaigning in October and says people are keen to vote for a party that promises to work for them. 

"We have one party that's won 11 majorities," he said. "The other opposition parties haven't gained any traction, so the need for innovation is as critical now as it's ever been."


Health Minister Fred Horne is running for the Tories in Edmonton-Rutherford. (CBC)

Walters isn't the only person targeting Horne in this southwest Edmonton riding. A former MLA for the riding Rick Miller is running again for the Liberals, Melanie Samaroden is the NDP candidate and Kyle McLeod is running for the Wildrose Party.

Horne, who was appointed health minister in October 2011, said he has never stopped knocking on doors.

"I do my best to give them straight answers to their questions and when I don't know, I do my best to get them information that they want to have," he said.

The Alberta Party is running candidates in 28 of the province's 87 ridings, mostly in Edmonton and Calgary.

Although recent polls show the centrist party has about two per cent support of Albertans, Walters believes candidates can make a breakthrough by surprising everyone as Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi did when he was elected in 2010.