Some of Winnipeg's homeless will be able to enjoy a break from the hot, humid weather today, as a shelter in the city's core has air conditioning for the first time.

Siloam Mission's new air conditioning unit begins operating on Tuesday, as temperatures in the city are expected to hit 32 C.

"We're very excited about that and hope that that's going to change the quality of care and the quality of health for our folks for years to come," Floyd Perras, the mission's executive director, told CBC News.

Perras said someone donated the $25,000 unit to the shelter and installers waived the labour costs.

The air conditioner was installed as part of other renovations, and the work could not have been completed at a better time, he added.

Perras said the current heat wave has been difficult for the shelter's clients, and staff have been handing out water and monitoring people for heat stroke and exhaustion.

Word of the new air conditioner is spreading quickly among the city's homeless, said Perras.

"They're quite excited about coming back over. We've been doing [a] facelift of our drop-in to make it much better — new flooring and paint," he said.

A hot and humid air mass is expected to remain over southern Manitoba for the first part of this week, according to CBC meteorologist John Sauder.