Manitoba will need 5,100 new personal care home beds by 2036 to cope with an aging baby-boom population, says a new report by the Manitoba Centre for Health Policy.

That is a capacity increase of 55 percent over today's number of personal care home beds. Currently, there are about 9,600 personal care home beds in the province, about 5,400 of which are in Winnipeg.

The study also found elderly people with children were less likely to end up in care. And it found marriage significantly reduces your odds of ending up in a personal care home.

According to study, if an elderly woman is married she is 23 per cent less likely to end up in a personal care home. For a man, the study found that being married reduces the chance of checking in to a care home by about 40 percent.

Clifford and Bev Bernhardt have been married for 48 years and say the new research makes sense.

"Well, you have somebody to do stuff with: bowling golfing play cards, whatever, It's easier to be active with someone than without," said Clifford.