People who had parties booked at Adrenaline Adventures are hoping to get their money back after the park abruptly shut its doors last week.

"Well, I'm out $400 for Christmas," said Melanie Redford, who put down a deposit on Dec. 8 to book a birthday party for her twins.

"It was a little bit of a panic and it was a little bit of a shock, you know? The kids were a little disappointed but we found another place to take them."

The party was supposed to be Dec. 17 but she was sent a notice on the 15th that the adventure park in Headingley, just west of Winnipeg, was going out of business as of that day.

"It would be nice if companies would shut their websites down and not take your money [when they know they are in financial difficulty]."

Adrenaline Adventures

Melanie Redford got this message from Adrenaline Adventures two days before her twin sons' birthday party. (Submitted by Melanie Redford)

The email from Adrenaline Adventures told her she would receive a refund within six days. She has tried to email them but the message bounced back with an auto-reply that no one is in the office.

Adrenaline Adventures owner Jason Rohs said he fully intended to have the park open on the weekend of Redford's party.

He said his staff had been making snow for the tubing runs until Dec. 15.

Rohs said he received a notice from his bank requesting payment of interest owed on his business on Dec. 8.

Within two hours of the request, his lawyer had given the bank's lawyer the cheque for the interest, Rohs said.

On Dec. 15 he received a call from his staff saying two men came to the site, changed the locks and closed the business, he said.

Rohs said any further information about getting money back should be directed to receiver Lazer Grant Inc. 

"It's very highly unlikely I'm going to get my money back, if they're in receivership and their creditors are going after them," Redford said, adding her next step will be to try to contact her credit card company to get the money back.

The park, which opened in December 2010, offered year-round outdoor activities, including snowboarding and snow tubing runs in winter and cable wakeboarding, ziplines, beach volleyball and athletic fields in summer.

Asessippi offers to accept gift cards

After hearing about the closure, the co-owner of the Russell Inn and the Asessippi Ski Area & Resort contacted CBC News to say those who have paid deposits to use Adrenaline Adventures can instead use that time at his business — on his dime.

"They would just show us a receipt, proof of their deposit, and they can use it at our resort," said Daymon Guillas, who also owns a motel and two guest houses in Russell. "If they have a voucher, they can use it at our resort for downhill tubing or snow boarding, rentals, lessons or whatever they like. And if they want to use it at our hotel, the Russell Inn, or any of our few properties.

 "It's important to be good people — I really believe that — pay it forward and do a good thing."

Anyone who wants to take Guillas up on his offer should should email