A Winnipeg man who is facing two counts of manslaughter will have to wait a lot longer to hear his fate.

Justin James Rosdobutko was charged with two counts of manslaughter after a fire broke out in the Aquarius Men’s Bathhouse in 2009, killing two men.

Steven Yablonski

Steven Yablonski was one of two people who died in a bathhouse fire in Winnipeg in 2009. (Facebook)

This week, the judge declared a mistrial, after new evidence came forward about what caused the two fires at issue in the case.

Rosdobutko’s lawyer, Todd Bourcier, said his client has been dealing with the case now for four and a half years.

“He had really hoped to have this behind him at this point and to be able to sort of move forward,” said Bourcier. “He’s always maintained his innocence. He’s always maintained he didn’t have any involvement in these fires whatsoever.”

Bourcier and Rosdobutko are hoping a new trial will be underway by the fall, but it might not begin until 2015.

“He’s not happy about how much time it’s taking to resolve this case,” said Bourcier. “But he does understand why it’s necessary to have all the information before us before we can really proceed to trial."