Coyote pups

The two-week old coyote pups don't have their eyes open yet and need to be hand-fed. (Wildlife Haven Rehabilitation Centre/Facebook)

Nine coyote pups are being hand-reared at the Wildlife Haven Rehabilitation Centre in Ile-des-Chenes, Manitoba.

The two-week-old pups, whose eyes are still closed, were brought in on the weekend.

Tiffany Lui, rehabilitation coordinator at the centre, has been feeding them by hand.

She said a couple were visiting relatives at a farm and had heard the puppies cries for a couple of days, then they went quiet.

Coyote pups

The nine coyote pups were found huddled together near a Brandon-area farm on the weekend. (Wildlife Haven Rehabilitation Centre/Facebook)

They searched out where the pups were and watched for a while, waiting for the mom to show up. But she never did.

"When they investigated [the pups] seemed to be very cold on the ground and not very responsive, so they just took them in. Then they called us up," Lui said, adding they've never before had this many coyote puppies come in at one time.

She hopes they will be able to go back to the wild when they're older.