City of Winnipeg said late Saturday afternoon an extra 3,240 properties are now at risk of losing water due to frozen pipes. That means a total of 4,965 properties have now been identified as being at risk.  

In a news release, the city said there are currently 806 properties on the list waiting for the city to thaw their frozen water pipes.

The news comes on the heels of the city admitting the problem was growing exponentially.

The city said Saturday staff are contacting property owners by phone and "uniformed members from the Winnipeg Fire Paramedic Service will be hand-delivering notices" to those at risk. 

Winnipeg property owners who receive a notice this weekend will be asked to leave the cold water tap running "at a trickle (about the amount of a drinking straw) all the time."

frozen pipes

The City of Winnipeg said Saturday uniformed members of the Fire Paramedic Service will deliver potable water to those who need it at their home or businesses, using reusable 20-litre jugs. (CBC)

Officials also said the "water pipes at risk of freezing will remain vulnerable over the next few months."

The city said if you don't receive a notice, don't run the water.

“We are continually monitoring this unprecedented situation, and are utilizing all resources at our disposal,” said Deepak Joshi, Acting Chief Administrative Officer, said in a statement.  “This is of paramount importance to us, and every action is being taken to restore frozen water service.”

The city said the Winnipeg Fire Paramedic Service will deliver potable water to those who need it at their home or business. It will come in reusable 20-litre jugs. 

The city said so far there have been 162 water deliveries, with another 199 scheduled for Saturday. 

It said it has streamlined the process for 311 callers dealing with frozen pipes. 

Staff will ask whether callers need drinking water, will tell them where they can shower, and how they might get a temporary water supply from a nearby property.