Winnipeg police have arrested two men after indecent acts were performed in front of three children and a woman at a playground near the Varsity View Community Centre in Charleswood Wednesday night.

Two men were sitting on a park bench and started talking to three kids on a play structure just before 8 p.m. Wednesday, police said.

The men soon got up and walked away, but before they got too far one of them dropped his pants and exposed himself to a 36-year-old woman and the three kids she was with, aged five, seven and nine years old.

The men then started performing sexual acts on each other. 

Blatant act rare, concerning           

An incident of this type is rare, Det. Sgt. Natalie Aitken said.

"These males made overt action to engage these children in conversation,” said Aitken. “You need to know that these indecent acts, which I know we cannot go into, but I can tell you they were serious in nature, were observed not only by the female but these very young children.”

The incident took place in a Charleswood park across the street from Ginette Snaith’s father's home. 

Snaith had no idea what had taken place until police came to the door Thursday morning.

Sgt. Natalie Aitken  Winnipeg Police

Winnipeg police Sgt. Natalie Aitken said Winnipeg police are looking for two men who performed indecent acts in front of a woman and three children at a playground Wednesday night.

“You know if they're willing to do that in front of a family, it's scary so I'm not letting my kid out of my sight,” she said.

Outrage has since spread through the neighbourhood.

“Whatever they did indecent, they should get a brain and get a life,” said Riley Whitford, who lives in the neighbourhood.

Investigators were especially concerned because the men’s actions were so blatant.

“I can tell you that this investigation that we're conducting right now we have some serious concerns with,” said Aitken.

Police had asked for help from the public identifying two suspects on Wednesday. By Wednesday evening, they announced on Twitter they had made two arrests in the case.