Rating: ★★★★★

(Reviewed at the 2013 Toronto Fringe Festival)

Company: James & Jamesy, Sussex, U.K. 

Genre: Comedy

Venue: 16 — PTE Mainstage

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This show from England-based duo James & Jamesy is such complete and utter fun. An interactive show where most of the characters on stage are played by audience members, it's a surreal theatre adventure that somehow makes total sense. 

Actors Aaron Malkin & Alastair Knowles become James and Jamesy, besties despite myriad differences.  They have a standing date for tea on a weekly basis, and their tea times are the thread by which their crazy stories are told.  

'James & Jamesy are such complete and utter fun.' - Rosie Fernandez

Jamesy is a lovable eccentric, childlike in his insistence on getting his own way and in his understanding of the world around him. James is his connection to the "real" world (and audience), and he treats Jamesy with tender concern and genuine admiration. 

This play won Patron's Pick at the Toronto Fringe (similar to the Winnipeg Fringe's "Best of Fest"), to give you an indication of its wide appeal. And it's highly entertaining for all ages, largely because of how James and Jamesy break down the wall between performer and audience. But even if you're the wallflower type, they're so inviting (even treating you to a cup of tea) you may actually find yourself silently hoping that they bring you onstage. 

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