Aboriginal businesses and celebrities are showing their stuff at the Winnipeg Convention Centre for the 18th Vision Quest trade show.

Comedian Don Burnstick is one of the keynote speakers.

The established comedian has been sober for 29 years.

Burnstick said meeting aboriginal actor Winston Wuttunee when he was first starting out in comedy kept him sober and focused.

"We need to connect with our role models and our role models need to be more active and pro-active," said Burnstick. “You know a lot of them become successful and they disappear, you see them on a computer, on TV, and you want to be visible and be out there, be active."

Don Burnstick

Comedian Don Burnstick will be present at the 18th annual Vision Quest trade show in Winnipeg this week. (courtesy Don Burnstick website)

Shylo Swan started making bead art to save money on jewellery, but she was encouraged by friends to make it into a business.

She listened to friends and now Swan has moved from selling jewellery out of her car to presenting a table of her works at the trade show

Carol Johnston, vice-chair of Vision Quest said the youth turnout has been growing over the years — something she takes a positive sign for the future.

“Our youth delegation has definitely grown over the years and I think that's a good thing, because they are our future leaders,” said Johnston.

For someone with a passion for cooking like Cynthia Cook, the trade show gives them a chance to showcase their talents.

“I really like cooking, I love baking even more,” she said.

Cook works at Eagle Women's Catering Co-op with several other cooks — many of whom have overcome addictions and trouble with the law — now on a healing journey though the Native Women's Transition Centre.

“It's empowering each other, not tearing each other down but building each other up and being there for each other,” Cook said.

Vision Quest wraps up tomorrow.