A U.S. man faces several charges after border agents found him trying to take 16 guns and other weapons into Canada at Emerson, Manitoba.

The man, from Oklahoma, was stopped Wednesday at the Emerson port, along with another person in the same vehicle.

When border agents asked if there were any firearms in their vehicle or trailer, the man declared he had 10 long guns, according to the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA).

Officers took a look inside the vehicle and discovered:

  • 6 handguns
  • 10 long arms
  • 4 knives
  • 2 pairs of brass knuckles
  • 117 overcapacity magazines

The man was arrested and remanded into custody pending a future court appearance in Winnipeg. The passenger was not charged.

"I commend our CBSA officers at Emerson for their diligence and vigilance in ensuring this contraband did not make its way onto Canadian streets and into our communities," Lauren Delgaty, CBSA regional director general, stated in a news release.

"Not only is this a significant seizure, but it is also the largest firearm seizure at Emerson in recent memory."