The Manitoba Taxicab Board says it will issue 112 seasonal taxi business licences in Winnipeg this winter to meet a higher public demand during the holidays and special events such as the Grey Cup final next month.

The 112 licences are a 17.8 per cent increase over the 95 seasonal licences issued last year, the board said on Wednesday.

The city's two largest taxi companies will receive the bulk of the licences — 54 will be issued to Unicity Taxi and 41 will go to Duffy's Taxi.

Seven seasonal licences will be issued to independent taxi companies and drivers, and 10 will be issued to independent operators of accessible taxis, the board said.

Seasonal cabs can operate from Nov. 2 to March 31, which is a month longer than the period covered by last year's seasonal licences.

"The board's decision considers the heightened demand for taxicabs during the holiday season plus the increased activity the city will experience due to hosting special events such as the Grey Cup," the taxicab board said in a news release.

The Grey Cup championship game will be held at Investors Group Field on Nov. 29. It will be preceded by the Grey Cup Festival, which kicks off Nov. 25.

The licences mean a total of 570 standard and accessible taxis will be driving on Winnipeg roads, bringing the ratio to one cab for every 1,244 people, according to the board.