Winnipeg police have conducted raids at a handful of locations around the city and have made 11 arrests, including the current president of the Manitoba Hells Angels.

One of the locations they searched is Autumnview Drive in the Waverley West neighbourhood.


A yellow Volkswagen Beetle is removed from a home on Autumnview Drive. (Sheila North-Wilson/CBC)

The home is registered to Dale Sweeney, a known member of the Hells Angels.

During last summer's bike war violence, court documents obtained by CBC News stated the Redlined Support Crew, an Angels puppet group, was behind some of the shootings and firebombings.

The documents indicated the Redliners answer directly to Sweeney and his brother, Rodney.

On Friday morning, the police tactical unit stormed the home.

Officers later removed a number of vehicles from the garage of the home, including a yellow Volkswagen Beetle with the vanity plate, SWEENS.

It has been confirmed by police the investigation started last May under the name Project Flatlined, that eventually led to the raids throughout the city.

Police would only say a quantity of cocaine was seized.

Meanwhile, officers on the other side of the city in Transcona went through storage bins and vehicles at a lot.

They have not said what was seized in that search, but an online listing shows the business is owned by Sweeney.

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