Manitobans will need to use 10 digits to dial local telephones starting Sunday with the addition of area code 431.

The move to 10-digit dialing follows a Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission decision to assign Manitoba an additional area code. The new area code 431 will be gradually introduced and will co-exist with area code 204. Anyone who already has a 204 area code will keep their number.

Emergency calls to 911 for fire, ambulance or police will not require any additional digits.

The City of Winnipeg said it has recalibrated all its fax machines and cellular phones in anticipation of the need to dial 10 digits starting on July 29.

On Sunday, telecommunications providers will begin including broadcast messaging on every phone call made when an area code is not dialed. If no area code is used, the caller will hear a reminder message before the call is connected. After October 20, phone calls made without the area code will not be connected.

Phone users are reminded to update all pre-programmed or auto-dialing alarm systems to the new 10-digit format.