Man shares lotto win with waitress

Talk about generous tippers. A Saskatoon man is $25,000 richer, and so is the waitress who sold him a lottery ticket after lunch.

It happened in Trail, British Columbia. After the meal, Doug Denk asked waitress Erin Browell to validate his Pick 7 lottery ticket.

But he had only filled in six of the seven numbers. He told the waitress to go ahead and pick a number for the last digit.

Denk joked that if he won, he would share the prize with her. Then, they ran the ticket through the lottery computer.

"As soon as I seen the seven numbers, I just said, 'Come over here and sign the ticket with me. We've got a winner!'" Denk recalls.

True to his word, Denk divided the 50 thousand dollar winnings with the waitress, who happens to be a single mom.