A French national is under arrest in Thunder Bay, Ont., suspected of trying to "buy" a five-year-old boy online in the United States for sexual purposes.

Patrick Molesti, 56, of Woodstock, Ga., faces extradition to the U.S. and a charge of sexual exploitation of children.


Patrick Molesti of Woodstock, Ga., is shown in an undated police photo. ((Cherokee County Sherriff's Office/Canadian Press))

Police in Georgia said they acted on an anonymous tip that someone had tried to use the internet to acquire a child. Reports say the accused had been hunted since March 18, when police searched his home.

Lt. Jay Baker of the Georgia Sheriff’s Office said it did not appear that a specific boy was targeted. Police also said child pornography was found on a personal computer.

Molesti was stopped in Thunder Bay on Friday night when the bus he was taking from Calgary to Montreal stopped to refuel.

Police detained him at the Greyhound terminal after a warrant was issued by the Canada Border Services Agency.