A man is dead after he fell into a machine while working at a Toronto pasta factory on Monday.

The man, 26, was the future son-in-law of the owner of Pasta Quistini, CBC News has learned.

A relative of a worker at Pasta Quistini told CBC News that the man’s shirt became caught in a pasta-making machine, pulling him in head-first. People who knew the victim said his first name was Justin.  He was dating the factory owner's daughter, they told CBC.

Police had little to say except that paramedics were brought in to deal with any of the staff who were still in shock after the accident.

The owner's brother said his sister was admitted to hospital for shock.

Because it is a workplace accident, the Ministry of Labour is investigating.

The factory is located at 1700 Ormont Dr., near Weston Road and Steeles Avenue West.