A New Brunswick father is garnering international attention for his unique photo shoot.

Anthony Stuart, of Grand Bay-Westfield, convinced his newly pregnant wife, Kristi, to pose as a magician's assistant for a series of photographs that would condense the pregnancy into a matter of moments.

"Iā€™m surprised it's travelled around this much. I was thinking it would just be friends and family [sharing the post] but it's really ballooned," Stuart told CBC New Brunswick's Paul Castle.

In the photos, partly inspired by the Harry Potter stories, Stuart dons a magician's cape and top hat and, with the wave of his magic wand, presto!: It's the world's shortest pregnancy.

Stuart posted the photo series to his blog under the title The Magic Show. Since then the post ā€” picked up by BuzzFeed, Babble and numerous other content-sharing websites including Russian and Brazilian blogs ā€” has gone viral with over 170,000 views.