Tory leader Peter MacKay showed his caucus on Wednesday the one-page, hand-written agreement he gave to leadership contender David Orchard during Saturday's convention, in exchange for his support on the final ballot.

After his meeting MacKay said, "Everyone in the caucus is 100 per cent comfortable" with the contents.

Most federal Tories said they were satisfied that the party hadn't sold out on free trade, after reviewing the letter's contents.

On Wednesday, it was revealed the letter also agreed the party's national director, David Scrymgeour, would be replaced and that some of Orchard's supporters would be installed in the head office.

Scrymgeour resigned Saturday night.

"We've had some problems at head office in terms of communication and there were natural changes that were going to take place, so this is not a concession," MacKay said.

In the letter, MacKay promised Orchard that the party would run candidates in every riding, put in place a panel to review NAFTA, replace the national director and make environmental policy a party priority.

Scott Brison, a leadership candidate who was last in Saturday's voting, said the caucus meeting was "very constructive and satisfying."

MacKay also announced Wednesday that Elsie Wayne was stepping down as deputy party leader after almost 10 years.