The only Progressive Conservative MP in the province managed to hang on to his seat in the federal election.

Andr Bachand won in the Richmond-Athabasca riding and says the PCs are around to stay.

Bachand beat Andr Bellavance of the Bloc Qubcois by fewer than 400 votes, but says he isn't worried by the slim margin.

"We were expecting a slim race between me and the Bloc candidate," he says. "Four hundred votes, for me, it's perfect," he says.

Bachand says the vote was divided between the federalists and sovereignists, which allowed his party to squeak in between the Liberals and the BQ.

"We're caught here in Quebec between choosing between a country and another country," Bachand says.

Bachand says although it may be a lonely job as the only Tory MP in Quebec, it will be important to keep the party going.

"I think this political vehicle still needs to be there for the people, for Canadians, to choose when an election is called," he says.

Bachand was one of 12 conservatives across the country to win a seat.

He says the party will continue to re-build across Quebec and Canada, and that the Tories will be even more ready for the next election.