YouTube house coming to London

Three local Londoners with a flair for social media have plans to launch 'Social Lab,' a house on Dundas Street which will become the home for a handful of local YouTubers hoping to make it big.

3 local Londoners hope to launch a 'Social Lab' to help YouTubers make it big

Kellan Paniccia, Matt McKeever and Peter Kloczko plan to launch Social Lab next month. (Kate Dubinski/CBC News)

London Morning host Rebecca Zandbergen sat down with co-founders and YouTubers Matt McKeever and Peter Kloczko to talk about Social Lab.

What is Social Lab?

Matt: The two-word pitch would be a YouTube house. But more specifically it's really a social media incubator. So the idea is, we're taking a multi-family property in the heart of the Old East Village and we're going to allow five or six creative types to move into it and we're hoping these creatives, these social media influencers, these young entrepreneurs will be able to hone their craft. 

How will you pick who those five people will be?

Matt: Right now we're just going through an interview process and we're just looking for a diverse group of people. So we've interviewed people who do eSports, people that do online gaming, musicians, people who are just focused on being editors and content creators. We're just offering 50 per cent of market rent to move into this property and the hope is that really allows these content creators to focus more of their time on honing their skills.

Social Lab is located in Old East Village at 880 Dundas Street. (Chris Ensing/CBC News)

What do you guys get out of this? 

Peter: Ultimately, it's about creating this community. When I first started on YouTube it was very kind of scary. What am I doing? I'm putting myself out there to the world and now I'm getting critiqued by people. The more I kept going with that, I really built up this amazing support group. I want to see other people have this amazing support group to be challenged by others out there in the world. 

Are you basing Social Lab on anything you've else you've seen?

Peter: Right now, there's nothing like this in the world. 

Are you sinking a lot of money in this?

Matt: It's a passion of love. It's a labour of love so we're more than happy to make those sacrifices to try to pay it forward to other content creators. We just really want to see what's possible.

When does it open?

Matt: We're hoping for a soft launch of mid September or early October.