Forks of London is a monthly restaurant review heard on CBC Radio's London Morning.

Kylene Walker bases her reviews on the food, the service, the decor and the cost. She rates her experience from 1 to 10 forks - 10 being the top rating. Walker has no connection to the local restaurant industry. 

Disclaimer: the opinion expressed is that of the reviewer. It does not represent an endorsement by the CBC.

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It was a bitterly cold day when Kylene Walker dropped by Curry's Restaurant on Wellington Road for lunch.

​"[It's] the type of place that transports you to warmer part of the world," Walker told London Morning host Rebecca Zandbergen during her monthly appearance on the program.

Curry's is a family-owned restaurant that has been open for more than 20 years. While it is not the only Indian restaurant in town, it certainly was one of the first to bring Indian flavours to London, according to Walker.  

Walker started with a warm cup of Chai tea that hit the spot with its mix of milk and Masala spice.

For food, Walker ordered one of Curry's lunch combinations. It came with a garden salad and a tomato-cumin flavoured soup which Walker said she found a bit odd for an Indian restaurant.

Tomato soup at Curry's Restaurant

The tomato-cumin flavoured soup at Curry's Restaurant.

Up next was an assortment of Indian dishes served on a stainless steel platter with the prerequisite Naan bread and Basmati rice.

Walker enjoyed the Onion Bhaji and the Chana  Masala — spiced chickpeas with roasted cumin and onion. But the star of the meal, according to Walker, was the butter chicken, a Tandori-spiced chicken in a Green Chili and Coriander sauce. 

Curry's Restaurant serves Indian food

This platter features Chana Masala, Onion Bhaji, and Butter Chicken on Basmati rice. A Cilantro chutney rounds out the offering.​ (Kylene Walker)

"The chicken was succulent and the sauce was rich and well-spiced. The plate also comes with a cilantro chutney to cool or balance the spices of the dish."

Walker confesses her only regret during the meal was holding off on the spice.

"I thought I should play it safe and order the medium heat on my chicken. I was disappointed when it didn't seem like there was any heat at all!"

"Overall, the meal was savoury and filling, and for only $18 — you can get the smaller lunch for $12 — the value is definitely there."

"I will definitely go back," said Walker. "Tell them to not go easy on the spices if you're asking for some heat!"

Curry's Restaurant is located at 118 Wellington Rd.

Kylene Walker gives it 7.5 out of 10 forks.

Listen to the review here.