Londoners may be waking up to record-breaking cold temperatures Friday morning, with much of southwestern Ontario already under a snow squall warning.

Environment Canada issued the warning Thursday afternoon for London and Middlesex county with a possibility of snow accumulation of about 15 to 20 centimetres by Friday morning and into the weekend. 

Meteorologist Jeff Coulson said Londoners should also bundle up as the weather agency is forecasting Friday morning temperatures at  -8 C, which could break a record low of -7 C set in 1973.

"The cold air is going to win for the next couple of days," said Coulson, who stressed that milder temperatures will return next week. "This is a little bit of a dress rehearsal of what's going to be coming later on in November."

On Saturday, Remembrance Day, people may be waking up to -12 C weather, which will rise to plus one during the day. There are more flurries in the forecast for Saturday night and Sunday.  The flurries will end Monday.

While we'll see more flurries later this month, Coulson isn't expecting steady snowfall until later in December.  

Mild temperatures 

A normal daytime high for London at this time of year would be about 8 C with an overnight low of 1 C.

Coulson said we'll get closer to those norms by next week. The snow will turn to slush as the temperature reaches plus five and is accompanied by rain. 

Coulson said it's normal to see the fluctuations as southern Ontario is tapping into a cold air mass from the north, which is working its way south, across Lake Huron.

He joked that the weather changes are nature's way of reminding people to pop on winter tires and put away their lawn furniture.