A London man says after several calls to the local police about speeding drivers, a turkey has turned out to be a top notch traffic cop. 

"They don't do anything. A turkey comes out and it solves the problem right away," Matt Emery said. "There hasn't been anyone speeding lately."

The wild bird has been taming traffic and catching the attention of many local residents since he started roaming the south London neighbourhood about a month ago.  

Emery said commuters often speed by his house when they use the side street west of Wharncliffe Road as a shortcut. Despite repeated requests to police to increase patrols, it took a turkey to make a difference.

"So in essence, a turkey is doing the job of the London police." 


This wild turkey has become the talk of the neighbourhood since taking up residence in the Wharncliffe Road and Horton Street area, so much so, he's earned himself his own hashtag on Twitter. (Colin Butler/CBC News)

He's also a hit at the local Tim Hortons

Emery isn't the only one talking about the bird, who has been dubbed "Terry the Turkey" by the neighbours. 

"He's always out by Tim Hortons," Heather Elliott said, noting that the bird, like many Canadians, has made the Timmies at Wharncliffe Road and Byron Avenue part of his morning ritual.  "They're always feeding him scraps."

"Usually he has traffic blocked," she laughed. 

Terry the turkey 3

This wild turkey, who has has been strolling along side streets in the Wharncliffe Road and Horton Street area, has been nicknamed Terry the Turkey by neighbours. (Colin Butler/CBC News)

Terry has generated so much buzz on social media he's even been given his own hashtag, #TerrytheTurkey.