London police are on the lookout for a man who fled the scene of a crash Tuesday on Oxford Street.

Police were called at about 12 p.m. to the road between Adelaide Street North and William Street where a vehicle struck a hydro pole. The driver then fled the scene.

Police are looking for the man, believed to be in his 20s. Police said he was wearing a black hoodie with a red and white jacket on top. He was also wearing a black backpack and possibly sporting a blue hat.

Katrina Moody was at work at Salt Therapy across the street from the crash when she looked up and witnessed the incident unravel.

"I looked up and saw a red van crash into a pole," said Moody, who then called police. "As soon as that happened, the gentleman who was in the driver's seat came out, grabbed his bag, and walked away from the scene."

"When you're at work and it's pretty quiet around here and you hear a big crunch and you see that happen outside another office, you kind of worry about that.

Oxford Street was closed in both directions between Adelaide Street North and William Street. London Hydro was also called to the scene.