London police charged more than 130 people over the Thanksgiving weekend in an attempt to crack down on distracted and aggressive drivers and those not wearing seatbelts.

Operational Impact is a national police campaign targeting drivers that could put passengers and other road users at risk.

London police laid 137 charges between Oct. 6 and 9 for speeding as well as aggressive, distracted and impaired driving. Other traffic-related violations include drivers disobeying red lights and stop signs.

The following charges were laid:

  • Speeding: 21
  • Aggressive: 3
  • Distracted: 10
  • Impaired driving: 6
  • Lack of seatbelt use: 6
  • Other traffic-related charges: 91

"Seatbelt use, aggressive, impaired and distracted driving are behaviours that continue to put drivers passengers and other road users at risk. The London Police Service will continue to work on public compliance to our traffic laws with the goal of improving road safety," said Sgt. Sean Harding, in a news release.

Police also reported on 79 motor vehicle collisions, which were down from last year's numbers when police investigated 111 collisions during the same weekend.