It takes Elyse Booth hours to build an online virtual tour showcasing some of London's top attractions but her work is garnering a lot of clicks. More than 10 million, in fact. 

Booth is one of a handful of Google certified photographers in London who is able to add files to Google Maps. And she's already uploaded dozens from London, and more from around the world.

One of her more time-consuming projects, the Covent Garden Market, took Booth between 40 and 60 hours to complete.

First, the London photographer has to shoot every inch of a location. Next, she has to seamlessly match those images together and upload the massive file to Google Maps.

"It's a series of still photos that are stitched together and then published on Google maps so people can take a virtual tour of a specific location online before they actually visit in person," said Booth who also teaches photography at H.B. Beal Secondary School.

Booth said her virtual tours give people a chance to view a space before heading out the door. "To make it feel like you're actually there."

London Aquatic Centre

Among her many virtual tours, Google certified photographer Elyse Booth stitched together a tour of the London Aquatic Centre. (Google Maps)

Last month, Google recognized Booth for hitting 10 million page cumulative views on her virtual tours.

Booth has built tours for many well known spots, including London International Airport, London Aquatic Centre, Storybook Gardens and Stratford Theatre.

"It's a way that they can have 24 hour accessibility to their customers. And people are curious and they can get nervous going to a new place, so it kind of eases that anxiety and makes it more familiar."