London Morning takes the show to Ilderton on Friday

In the continuing series, Home Values, CBC London heads to Ilderton. London Morning will be broadcasting live from the Village Teapot on Friday.

Morning program sets up at Village Teapot on Ilderton Road

London Morning broadcasts live from The Village Teapot in Ilderton on Friday. (The Village Teapot)

London Morning hits the road on Friday, taking the show to Ilderton's The Village Teapot.

The program will be broadcast live from the shop on Ilderton Road between 6 and 8:37 am, and will focus on the bedroom community, just northwest of London.

CBC London has been taking a closer look at real estate in London and the surrounding area. Turns out the number of housing starts in Ilderton is on record pace for 2017.

To get a flavour of the growing community, London Morning will hear from business owners, long time residents, a developer, and a local councillor.

The doors open to the public on Friday, September 15 at 6 am at The Village Teapot. Or, tune in from home at 93.5 FM.

Find The Village Teapot at 13257 Ilderton Road