A four year-old girl is in stable condition in a London hospital after falling four floors inside a downtown mall.

The incident happened Friday at around 5 p.m at Citi Plaza.

Jerzy Smolarek was walking through the mall when he saw four children playing on the main level.

Girl rushed to hospital after she falls four stories at downtown London's Citi Plaza1:03

He told CBC News they were hanging on the outside of the escalator and riding it partially up before jumping off.

"I kept going and I heard some people screaming and, as they were screaming, I turned around and I saw the one girl going all the way to the top. She couldn't go any further," said Smolarek.

Parkade floor at Citi Plaza

The girl fell from an escalator above the the parkade floor below. A pane of glass was broken to rescue the girl. (Bernard Graham/CBC)

"I watched the little girl fall, I saw her drop, and I heard the thud," recalled Smolarek. "It was probably the scariest thing I've ever heard."

The section around the escalator is open at Citi Plaza.

Escalator at Citi Plaza

Eyewitness says the girl was on the outside of the escalator and rode it to the top where she could go no further and fell. (Bernard Graham/CBC)

Nadine Lalonde works at the mall. She heard the screams and ran down three flights of stairs to try reach the girl on the bottom level of the parkade.

A pane of glass had to be broken for rescuers to get to the child.

"She was conscious," said Lalonde. "Once she was loaded onto the gurney, she was moving her legs."

Escalator Glass Fall

Rescuers smashed glass to access girl who fell four floors in Citi Plaza. (Bernard Graham/CBC)

The girl was taken away in an ambulance along with her mother. The distraught father remained at the scene before taking away three other children.

Initially, the girl was thought to have life-threatening injuries. But police say her condition is now stable as of Friday night.

Police and mall security are investigating the incident.

"Really tough to see that," said a shaken Smolarek.