An outpouring of community supporters have joined forces to raise funds through a benefit concert Friday night, for a convenience store attack victim who's been in critical condition for about two weeks.

Rajaie Elshorafa, known as Roger, was brutally attacked outside his Horton Variety store in the downtown core. Family members confirmed the 56-year-old underwent surgery to treat some of his injuries.

Dana Stromberg, the lead vocalist of London-based rock 'n' roll band Twin-Fin, is among five other bands performing at Call the Office on Friday.

Rajaie Elshorafa

Rajaie Elshorafa, 56, was attacked Oct. 21, 2017, outside his business, Horton Variety. (Supplied photo)

"It's overwhelming," said Stromberg, who's also been collecting donations for the family. "All of these people just have such good hearts and they're so generous about this it's overwhelming and I'm just so impressed with how good people are. It's just nuts."

More than 50 donors, including social agencies, small businesses, and franchises have thrown their names in the hat to help pitch in for a raffle to attract more people to the concert.

Jessie McConnell

Jessie McConnell has been arrested by London police for aggravated assault. (Facebook )

"I mean it's such an unfortunate circumstance but it's so great just to show [how] much of a strong community we have here in London," she said.

London police are on the lookout for Jessie McConnell, 22, who's wanted for aggravated assault in connection with the attack.

Court documents show McConnell is no stranger to the justice system and began getting in trouble with the law in 2015. 

Variety store attack

The London community is raising medical funds for a convenience store attack victim, while his family anxiously hopes for a change in his critical condition. (Hala Ghonaim/CBC)

Acts of Kindness

Elshorafa's business, tucked away at the corner of Horton Street East and Clarence Street, has been shut down for two weeks since the attack.

Yazan El-Shalabi, owner of Shelby's Food Express across the street from the convenience store, helped kick-start an online fundraiser for Elshorafa's family, which has surpassed its goal of $10,000.

"Rajaie Elshorafa has been nice to us," said El-Shalabi about the father of three. "We really like to support small businesses. When we heard of the incident, we thought we had to do something to help the family out."

El-Shalabi said more than 30 people have walked into his store to donate in-person a collective of $1,000.

Stromberg said concert organizers have been in touch with Elshorafa's family who were thankful for the efforts of the community.