Londoners have not seen a snapshot of income levels in a decade but Statistics Canada released new information Wednesday from the 2016 census.

Here's what the numbers show at a glance:

  • More London families (17%) are living on less than $30,000 compared to the provincial average
  • The median total income in London in 2015 was $64,743
  • The low income rate for young people is higher than any other demographic (22.2%)
  • 12% of households earn $150,000 or more. That's less than Ontario and national average  

Overview of household income

In 2015, the median household income in London was $64,743, a decrease of 2.1% from $66,132 in 2005

London household income Census 2016

(Statistics Canada )

Income levels by region 

More people moved to St. Thomas but saw income levels drop by 8.1%. Middlesex Centre saw the largest jump in salary levels, up 9.6%

Regional income Census 2016

(Statistics Canada )

Low income levels on the rise 

More than 82,000 Londoners or 17.0% were low income earners (less than $30,000) in 2015 compared to 13.3% in 2005.

London region income Census 2016

(Statistics Canada)

Children more likely to live in poverty

The low-income rate for young Londoners (under 18) was 22.2% with almost 25% of children (4 or younger) living in low income homes.

Low income graph London

(Statistics Canada )