Jury will not hear from accused in London cellphone murder case

Lawyers for the man changed in the shooting of Jeremy Cook began and concluded their defence in just a few hours on Wednesday.

Defence highlights criminal record of Muhab Sultan, who died while fleeing Ottawa police

This security camera image shows Muhab Sultan making a purchase at a McDonald's drive-thru moments before he was confronted by Jeremy Cook in the restaurant's parking lot.

Mohamed Sail will not be called to testify about his actions the night Jeremy Cook was shot dead in a London parking lot while trying to retrieve his missing iPhone.

Jeremy Cook was shot and killed after using an app to track down his lost smartphone in London, Ont. (London Police Service)

Sail's lawyers began and wrapped their defence in the space of a few hours on Wednesday. 

Sail, 26, is charged with second-degree murder in the death of Cook. The 18-year-old carpenter's apprentice from Brampton was shot in the early morning hours of June 14, 2015. 

On the night he died, Cook and his sister used an app to track a cellphone that Cook had lost earlier during a night of celebrating a friend's birthday. 

They tracked the phone to a Mazda 6 in a parking lot of the McDonald's restaurant on Highbury Street.

Cook and his sister approached the car. Sail was in the passenger's seat while Muhab Sultan was the driver. 

After a brief discussion about the phone, the car took off with Cook clinging to its side. He was found nearby suffering from two gunshot wounds. One shot fractured his shoulder; the second was fatal, destroying blood vessels near his heart. 

Muhamed Ibrahim Sail is charged with second-degree murder in the shooting death of Jeremy Cook in London, Ont.

The Mazda was found crashed into a fence at a nearby apartment building. The iPhone was found abandoned nearby. Both Sultan and Sail fled the scene. 

Sail would eventually turn himself in to police in July. But Sultan died 10 days after the shooting while trying to evade arrest in Ottawa. It was Sultan's actions the defence highlighted on Wednesday

They read into evidence Sultan's extensive criminal record, which includes convictions for assault, robbery, trafficking cocaine, resisting arrest and numerous violations of bail convictions. 

The defence also presented statements from Ottawa police officers about the day Sultan died trying to evade arrest.

In information contained in statements, Ottawa police officers said they stopped a Toyota Corolla driven by Sultan on the afternoon of June 24. 

Muhab Sultanaly Sultan, 23, drowned while fleeing police in Ottawa 10 days after Jeremy Cook was fatally shot in London, Ont. (London Police Service)

While police were speaking with him about the car's registration it reversed suddenly, causing minor injuries to two officers. It then stopped and accelerated toward Const. Stephen Brown.

"I feared for my life," the officer's statement reads. "I tried to jump out of the way and with my arms still extended and gun pointed at the driver, my hands entered the open window of the driver as I got hit by the car." 

Sultan ended up abandoning the car and running into the Rideau River. Police arriving at the scene noticed him struggling and crying for help with his hands in the air. Two officers entered the water to try and rescue Sultan, but he disappeared beneath the surface. 

His body was found downstream by Ottawa police three days later. 

The defence also played for the court a police interview with a man who was a passenger in the Toyota on the day Sultan was arrested. 

During the interview the man said he'd only met Sultan a few days earlier at an Ottawa Money Mart location. The pair spent time over the next few days hanging out and playing video games.

The man told the officer he only knew Sultan as "Hassan."

The trial is scheduled to resume on Monday. 

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