What's it like to "go live" for the first time?

See the launch of CBC's London Morning0:31

Take a look as the host of London Morning, Rebecca Zandbergen, makes history in the Forest City with the launch of the CBC's newest station.  

CBC London will produce all-day local digital and radio programming with a focus on southwestern Ontario in the afternoon.

Outside the station widow looking onto downtown Dundas St., a group of CBC fans gathered before 6 a.m. to cheer-on the broadcast. 

"This is history in the making and I wanted to be part of it," John Hassan said who came with coffee. 

CBC London launch day

CBC London fans cheer on the first broadcast from the Dundas St. studio.

One of the early guests on London Morning was mayor Matt Brown who answered a variety of questions, including the challenges of being the first city to use ranked ballots in the upcoming municipal election in 2018.

"When you are the first, you need to be a bit of a pioneer," Brown told host Rebecca Zandbergen. 

Matt Brown

Mayor Matt Brown tells London Morning host Rebecca Zandbergen he will run in the next election.

CBC London aims to tell local stories with an emphasis on news, culture and survival information, all of which will be accessible on-line any time of day. 

CBC London first guest

CBC London's first guest, Lincoln McCardle talking about the city's new 'Kindness Meters.'

Host Chris Dela Torre is taking over the reins at Afternoon Drive with the broadcast moving from Windsor to the new London station.  

He will be hosting a live broadcast Friday June 16 between 4-7 that will include tours of the new station and a special musical performance by London singer-songwriter Emm Gryner.