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Move to the burbs? One Londoner's pitch

Anne-Marie Sánchez lives in the Button Bush neighbourhood of Westmount and makes a hard pitch for life in the suburbs.

Anne-Marie Sánchez says life in London's suburban sprawl is the right fit

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Why do people live where they live? In Anne-Marie Sánchez case it started with the house.

"I was always attracted to older houses, but we realized those required a lot of work." So on her husband's advice, Sánchez agreed to move to the suburbs.

Two years ago, the couple and their three children moved to the Button Bush neighbourhood in Westmount in southwest London.
Anne-Marie Sánchez poses in front of her house in the Button Bush neighbourhood. (Rebecca Zandbergen/CBC News)

"The suburbs definitely gave us more bang for our buck," said Sánchez who used to live at the forks of the Thames near Harris Park.

"I think there are sometimes misconceptions that we're more self-centred or we don't care about the community at large. I think that is unfortunate and completely inaccurate."

The Button Bush neighbourhood is growing in London's Westmount subdivision. (Rebecca Zandbergen/CBC News)

She said some people assume the suburbs are just bedroom communities. But Sánchez disputed that. She also said people assume suburban dwellers don't care about the environment.

"Which isn't true. I compost. Yes, I have an SUV -- that's our family car -- but we also have an electric car which is our commuter car," she added.

Sánchez said she loves how close she lives to nature and that she's met some great people.

Anne-Marie Sánchez drives through the Westmount subdivision in her SUV. (Rebecca Zandbergen/CBC News)

"When you have a newer neighbourhood, you have more people who are looking to establish roots and connections within the community." 

"There's a lot of benefits to living there and we can live a great active lifestyle. And we are still close enough to the core that we access downtown London when we want to which is great."

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