Liberals urge Copps to step aside

Pressure is building in the Liberal party for Sheila Copps to quit the Liberal leadership race

Pressure is building on Sheila Copps to drop out of the Liberal leadership race before the party convention in November.

Copps won fewer than 10 per cent of the delegates elected last weekend to go to the convention, with former finance minister Paul Martin taking the rest.

The heritage minister says she's staying in the race despite the overwhelming odds because she owes it to her supporters and she wants to present her views at the convention.

But some prominent Liberals say her decision is not good for the party.

Liberal caucus chair Stan Keyes says it would make planning easier and save money if Copps dropped out.

He said Copps could give a speech and meet with delegates "without having to go through the process and the expense, quite frankly, of an election."

Backbencher Dan McTeague says money saved by not holding a vote could be used to bring in experts for a policy conference.

But the man Copps is challenging won't be drawn into the debate.

Paul Martin says it's up to Copps to decide if she wants to stay in the race.